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With the re-emergence of vinyl records within the audiophile community, the demand for very high quality records is robust – especially for rare and unique issues. Although the DirectGrace project can accept analog and digital recordings for half-speed mastering on one of its Neumann lathes, we also create Direct-to-Disk recordings. This type is considered one of the highest forms of prized releases; the creation of a master recording directly from the live performance – a single, elegant, direct path from the microphone to the cutting head.  No recording to tape or digital storage, no editing of the music stream; nothing but the purity and exuberance of the performance gets on the master lacquer recording.  Direct Grace couples this pinnacle of the recording process along with half-speed mastering of previously recorded music with the finest of heavy weight vinyl and exemplary musical and audio artists to produce highly desirable, limited edition, reference recordings for audiophiles around the world.

We continuously enlist the talents of numerous musicians, technicians and music producers to produce these high-end records so sought after by the audiophile community. Sold for $30 - $60 each, all profits from these recordings yield many multiples of the initial investment to save the lives of children now, and well into the future.

The Technology:

- Photo Courtesy of Robin Romano