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To make a donation, please call Soundsmith at 914-739-2885.


Below are some of the many people who have already joined forces with us to help DirectGrace with its mission: The beginning of the end of the suffering of children.

We gratefully accept:


~ Musical talent

~ Technical assitance

~ Equipment dontations or loans

~ Financial contributions


To help, please contact Peter Ledermann at Soundsmith - 914-739-2885 or

Lincoln Mayorga - Pianist, Conductor, Composer

Jon Pousette-Dart - Singer, Songwriter

Pamela Sklar - Floutist, DirectGrace Records Musial director

Paul Sklar - Pianist, Oboist, Composer

Arnold Schnitzer ~ Luthier -

Ken Parker ~ Luthier - Archtop Guitars

Marc Cosgrove - Guitarist -

Andy Eulau - Bassist -

Nino Getts - Guitarist - BlackCat Studios

Alison Van Dyk - Temple of Understanding

Sam Morris - Songwriter, Singer, Guitarist,

Lily Morris - Artist Extraordinaire

Len and Georgia Morris - Galen Films

Carl Rowatti - Trutone Mastering

John Condon - Condon Music Group/King Easy

Len Horowitz - History of Recorded Sound

Lenny Dariano - Songwriter/Singer

Richard Majestic - Audio Design Engineer

Craig Dick - Acoustic & Electrical Engineering~Logistics

John Hopkins @ Sweetwater -

- Photo Courtesy of Robin Romano